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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I can see you from up in the air!

One of the many nice things about my travel from Berlin to Philadelphia was that I for once did not have to take a Ryanair flight. Yes they are cheap but they are also the least comfortable way to fly! Flying with British Airways was a real treat as was coming in to Heathrow rather than Stansted. As I have been spending lots of my time in England lately, thanks to a certain Englishman, I know the South of England well enough to know where I was flying in. The sky was completely cloudless.  I could see Heybridge Basin,  Maldon and Chelmsford from up in the air all of which I had been at just last week. The best view I got of the inner city of London though. The houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, the Gherkin all in perfect sight!

My second flight to Philly was less exciting. Out of the 4 films I saw (!) the worst was Something Borrowed which was morally and socially very doubtful, the best was Senna.  The rest just killed time. After landing at 8pm the last thing I had to do was go through Immigration which seems to get worse every year. This time I not only got asked was the purpose of my visit was but when I answered that I was visiting a friend who's getting married. The immigration officer asked me whether my friend is female or male, how I knew her, and when I answered that I knew her from my time as an Au Pair he asked whether I am staying with her or the family I used to live with. All accompanied by an evil glare. Felt intimidated! Definitely a future goal of mine is to stand confidently in front of an American immigration officer.

All was forgotten though when I saw Molly! Immediatly it felt like no time had passed. Once we got back to hers she made Tortillas and we sat together and talked. It was a good day.


Tess Malone said...

Something Borrowed may have been the worst film I saw all last year and I saw A LOT of films.

I love how you capitalized "tortillas" (oh German nouns :)

Glad you got over safely, despite the McCarthy era questioning.

Molly King-Smith said...

Hooray! I agree! It was as if no time has passed:) So wonderful to see you again!