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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being Back!

Visiting my friends in Philadelphia does usually not feel like going on vacation. It takes a few days, and we feel at home with one another. For the past few days I have done everyday things. Sunday Molly and I went to have brunch at Sabrina's Café which is on Christian St near the Italian market (yes we went back!). Although lots people were queuing outside we got a table in 5 minutes. The food was great. Very tasty and very fresh. The table next to us had an enormous stuffed French Toast that looked like a mini heaven. I had a very good sweet potato polenta with egg, sourcream, and fresh vegetables. Molly got poached eggs with fresh fruit, and home fries.

After brunch we went grocery shopping, and while we walked there we passed the Magic Gardens. These mosaic gardens were made by Isaiah Zagar who is an local Philadelphia born artist. The gardens were stunning in the sunlight with reflections everywhere. Some tiles show images others quotes and phrases. He incorporates glass bottles but also other materials that most people would consider trash like old bicycle wheels. It all comes together and complements each other.

During the week I spent my time with my former Au Pair family. The kids have grown up so much, and are very much fun to be around. Although Rena and Tim had a lot on their plate at the moment they took out time to spend with me. Yesterday night we celebrated Rosh Hashanah together which is the Jewish new year celebration.  I won't be seeing them for the next week but I am very much looking forward to spending more time with them in the near future.

After coming back from them in the evening I got to spend some time with Molly and Dave who both only get back from work late. On Tuesday evening Molly made an amazing Heirloom tomato tart with goat cheese. She will definitely have to give me the recipe for that one!

I really enjoyed the last couple of days. It was nice to be able to spend time with Molly and Dave as well as Rena and Tim and their kids, and not having to choose between them. Now I am off until Tuesday to see my friend Debbie in D.C..

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Tess Malone said...

That tart looks amazing, I want the recipe too!

Glad you're getting to see everyone and eat like a true gourmand.