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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Food Capitol

On Friday evening Deb and I went to Truckeroo, a monthly food truck festival. The festival was held at a German Biergarten right near the Nationals Ballpark (the stadium of the Nationals Baseball team from D.C.).

At the festical you could find everything from Korean Tacos (I had them), lobster roll (Deb), Burgers, pizza, Hawaiian grilled foods, empanadas,mac and cheese,  ice-cream and cupcakes. The food trucks were really colourful and unique and the food was great. Here are some photos from Truckeroo.

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Tess Malone said...

I've always wanted to explore the DC foodtruck scene, but never have so I'm very jealous of you! Food trucks are a quintessentially American phenomenon, so it's good you got to experience them.